My sweet, sassy, energetic baby girl. You are such a little wild flower and I so glad you are ours. When I was younger I knew I wanted to be a mom and when your older brother Keegan was born my journey began. Three years later I was fortunate enough to have your brother Oliver and then you, Autumn, came into our world. You have brightened up our world and your brothers absolutely love you and are already protective over you. You are right there into everything with them and I know when you're older you'l' drive them insane like I drove mine nuts. When you're older you will all come together again and I am so grateful that all three of you are so wonderful together. There are days, but at the end of the day your big brothers and you all hug and give goodnight kisses. I absolutely love that you three are a little team and have sibling rituals, it make my mama heart smile. Autumn, you are such an adventurous little girl. You roll around in the garden making dirt angels in your dresses after you have made a few mud holes and painted yourself in it. You are the perfect amount of you. Each morning after you get dressed and pick out your bow you run off to your daddy and model off your pretty outfit and on your day you go. This little ritual is one I will never forget. You my little sweet potato are my favorite little girl and I can't wait to watch you grow and become you. I love you Pumpkin Pie 💕

Autumn's outfits are from Matilda Jane and pink bow from Sweet Petite Bows. Her orange sparkle bow is from Blue Grasshopper Creations | My dress & hat is from Amazon