Life gets crazy with kids, works and life but don't forget to celebrate you and your significant other. At the end of the day you are each other's rocks and you deserve to be celebrated. Whether you just started dating, been married a few years and have kids or you are celebrating your 50th anniversary. Take some time to book a session, you'll never regret having the memories. When planning your outfits for this session really focus on who you two are. Maybe you want to go all out and wear a long dress or be comfy cozy in a flannel siping hot chocolate. Couples session can be whatever you want to reflect you guys as a couple.

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Styling for your anniversary or engagement session is a great time to do something unique. You can dress up or dress down an outfit by slipping into heels or going for your favorite sneakers. Hats, jean jackets, leather jackets are some of the most popular are popping accessories to bring along. Statement jewelry is a great way to add color to your outfit and tie you and your significant other together. If you are unsure of what to pair with your outfits, please contact me so I can help!

Pair statement jewelry with clothing that is simple or solid for a pop! If you are more grunge with glitz, add a chunky necklace with a diamond necklace + heels or converse. Have fun with your accessories!

Chelsea's favorite every season hat

Chelsea's favorite winter hat


YAY! You're engaged, booked CMP and now it's time to plan your engagement session. Once we have picked the location(s) that best reflect you two as a couple it's time to plan your outfits. Engagement photos are the perfect time to get dressed up and twirl. I love long dresses because they offer so many great poses and add a flare to your session. If long dresses are not your style then dark jeans paired with cute wedges or heels and a proper fitting blouse look great for a dressy casual vibe. Those that are neither dressy or dressy casual, grab your ripped jeans and band tee! Remember, these images reflect who you guys are!

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