Mom + Maternity

I know, you have nothing to wear and you have no idea where to start. Same girl, same. I have a closet full of cute clothes but I don't know what to wear. Set your favorite outfits out first, try them on, move a little and smile. Chose what looks the best for your body and what you are comfortable in. Start with your outfit first and then move onto the next family member. If you are planning to shop for a new outfit, keep your body shape in mind, take new measurements so you don't have to return anything and order according to the size chart. If you are choosing a low neck top make sure the girls are not popping too much unless that is the look you want. Remember, dress for your body!

Baltic Born | Super gorgeous simple dresses with a wide range of styles, textures and sizes.

Matilda Jane | MJ is a great place for trendy unique clothes for mom and daughter. They have new releases every month so you'll never have the same outfit as the next family! Shop here.

Bailey's Blossoms | If you and your mini want to match this is a great shop to check!

Gap | For the simple cute vibe, check out Gap!

UOI | Super cute and trendy clothes! The closest shop is in Oregon, IL. This is a great place for teens too. You can also order from online as well.

Pink Blush | Pink Blush is my absolute favorite online shop for maternity outfits! They carry the cutest dresses in SO many colors! They also have a great section of non maternity outfits. The sizes are true to size and I have personally worn their outfits!

Teens+ seniors

When planning your outfit wear what fits and flatters your body type. You want to feel good and comfortable in what you wear and wearing something that is too big or too small you'll be tugging and your expressions will not be genuine. Sometimes what's trendy may not look the best and that's okay! Dress for you and dress for your body! Cardigans with a bit of transparency photographs so amazing with the lace or crochet pattern.

UOI | Super cute and trendy clothes! The closest shop is in Oregon, IL or Sycamore, IL . They will fall in love with this boutique!

American Eagle | They have a wonderful selection of on trend outfits with a variety of sizes. They carry both guy and girl clothing.

H&M | Trendy items that are unique & affordable.

Shop Hopes | CUTE boutique items. They are constantly adding new items!

Chic Soul | They range from xl-3x and the styles are CUTE!

ASOS | Hip and trendy!

Baltic Born Clothing | A bit of drama and a whole lotta gorgeous styles!


Men are generally pretty simple to shop for which makes balancing out the color palette so much easier When choosing the outfit for your guy look at solids or button down shirts with a fine print. Pick one of the least showing colors from mom or daughters outfit and find a color that matches that less showing color. This will really help pull the whole group together with a nice color balance.

Target | Specifically the Goodfellow brand, wonderful pieces to chose from, great colors and patterns.

Old Navy | Business to casual dad, Old Navy will cover dad's outfit. They have a nice simple collection of blazers that instantly dress up a look.