Look your best

You booked your session and now it's time to plan what you are going to wear. Picking out your attire is really important and makes or breaks your session. Feeling comfortable and confident in your looks will show in your images and theirs nothing worse than clothes that are baggy or too tight. These images will ultimately hang on your walls and you want to feel good in your outfit! If you feel comfortable with your outfit your experience will be so much more amazing! I hope this guide helps you in selecting some amazing pieces. If you are needing additional help please let me know and we can discuss your styles and create a look that really reflects your family!

Click through each group below and browse the shops, each shop is linked and ready to go for you!

What not to wear

Plain white t-shirts as a group, super boring and flat, if you plan to wear white try to find a textured white | Clothes that are too tight or too baggy. show your shape, if you are self conscious about what to wear, contact me and we can discuss options on flattering looks | Shirts with words, unless you are announcing something. Words on shirts age a session real quick, words might get cropped and the letters might end up as something awkward | Undergarments that do not fit right. Wear proper fitting undergarments, especially if you are wearing a fitted dress | Socks with sandals

Before your session

Before coming to your session please make sure that you are groomed and ready to go. Arrive 10 minutes early if your clothing wrinkles easy, slip your outfits on once you arrive to avoid heavy wrinkles. Teen boys and men with facial hair, please have your face clean shaven or beard trimmed. Stray facial hair is not cute in pictures. Make sure everyone, especially kids, have had a snack if your session is around meal time. Please make sure faces are cleaned of any snacks or juice stains. Continue to drink lots of water so your skin is glowing and looks fresh, follow up with a good moisturizer to avoid dry patches. If your smile needs a little whitening invest in a good whitening product. (I personally use a charcoal toothpaste, 'Hello.')


Don't know what shoes to wear for your summer session? Go bare foot! Don't stress over babies wearing shoes, they fall off all the time. Show those baby toes! Toddlers get a kick out of being bare foot and generally they feel more silly and real smiles happen!

Accessories can make or break a session. Determine what vibe your session is so your big accessories like hats and shoes go with your whole look. If you are shopping for a new outfit look at the accessories that are paired with the clothing collection first. This will be a great place to start for inspiration. A current favorite accessory of mine are hats, statement earrings and jean jackets.

Need a visual guide?

CMP Pinterest Inspiration